What is “Green Building”?

The phrase “green building” describes a practice, or better yet, a discipline, of developing and building with a responsibility to the environment and to the community. The key to success is an integrated design process: a systems approach to the design, construction and future operations of the building.


There are seven key concepts of building green are:


Energy Efficiency:

  • Building envelope
  • Mechanical equipment
  • Appliances & lighting

Water Efficiency:

  • Native drought tolerant landscape
  • Re-use water for irrigation
  • Low flow fixtures
  • Water saving appliances

Passive Design:

  • Cross Ventilation
  • Architectural features that reduces heating and cooling cost
  • Solar lighting, strategies that optimize day lighting
  • Orientation that optimizes use of Passive Design strategies

Construction Process:

  • Recycle construction waste
  • Use of regional and sustainable products

Indoor Environmental Quality:

  • Air
  • Lighting
  • Thermal comfort
  • Moisture control

Site and Landscape:

  • Protect native vegetation & create habitat
  • Provide erosion & sedimentation control
  • Use of native landscape


  • Use of durable low maintenance materials
  • Environmentally friendly – recycled, renewable, sustainable
  • Materials with no or low volatile organic compounds (VOC)


More information on sustainable, green building can be found at www.floridagreenbuilding.org.